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     Four key areas where we enable communities

Community Health

​Enabled runs health clinics and health awareness campaigns, and facilitates the

raining and deployment of Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in their own communities. CHVs act as focal points for first aid, health clinics, disability care,

maternal and neonatal healthcare and preventative health activities. Read more 

about our community health work here.

Disability Support

Enabled's team includes medical professionals, therapists and community health

workers who have been trained to care for the special needs and education of

individuals and families living with disability. Read more about our disability 

support work here.


Enabled's work in education has led to the establishment of four schools,

supporting children in villages in a nurturing and relevant educational environment.

For more information on the creation of local educational opportunities, click here.


Enabled has established a range of programs supporting the most marginalised

people within the communities in which we work. For more information on how

we seek to practically assist and restore dignity to those who often face stigma,

click here.

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