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Empower a widow   -   $200


Provide training and resources (e.g. goats, seeds) to start generating a sustainable and ongoing income.

Send a child to school   -   $250


Educate a child by supporting them with uniforms, school fees, daily food and tutoring.

Enable a child with a disability   -   $400


Provide access to specialist therapy, education, corrective surgery and family support.

Train a community health worker   -   $500


Provide training and ongoing support to train workers in health, to serve rural villages where they live and work.

Expand disability support   -   $2,000


Employ a disability support worker for 12 months to work across 20 villages, running a disability support centre and identifying other children in need.

Build a disability centre   -   $8,000


A disability centre can support the needs of 20 remote villages. Satellite centres are needed to get disability services to remote, mountainous areas.


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