Four key areas we Enable communities:

1. Disability Support

Enabled's team includes medical professionals, specialists, therapists and community health workers who have been  trained to care for the special needs and education of individuals and families with a disability. For more information on our disability support work click here.

2. Community Health

​Enabled currently serves in 375 villages impacting a population of 1.5 million. We attempt to identify and train one community health worker per village.  Our organisation now includes 450 trained health workers who provide basic health care and health education to villagers, and refer people with serious illness to partner hospitals. For more information on our community health work click here.

3. Support for Widows

Enabled has established a range of programs supporting the most marginalised people within the communities in which we work.  For more information on how we seek to practically assist  and restore dignity to those who often face stigma click here.

4. Education

Enabled's work in Education has led to the establishment of 3 schools, supporting children in villages in a nurturing and relevant educational environment.   For more information on the creation of local educational opportunities  click here.

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